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  1. Waaooww!!! Really fantastic!
    Would like to see it in full scale :)
    A winner, I think.

  2. was für ein Lichtspiel – beeindruckend :o)!
    lg Manuela

  3. Klasse Nachtaufnahme – durch die Strassen einsteht eine tolle creative Linienführung – sehr schön!!

  4. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2009. May the Light be with you for the whole new year! ;p)

  5. Wow. Really like the depth and pixellated feel of this photo.

  6. gorgeous night shot! you sure felt a great time over there. happy new year!

  7. I have always loved the light in the night, and here the details are just endless!

  8. This is beautiful. thanks

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