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Blood Moon

Blood Moon


Two nights ago I tried my luck photographing the total lunar eclipse in coincidence with a super moon. Luckily, the clouds disappeared just before the total eclipse, allowing a great view on moon, stars, and even some meteors.

Here’s a stacked picture of what I was able to capture during this cloud-free window.

St. Thomas | Ontario  | Canada

September 27th, 2015

Chinese Food Impressions

My guide for China was clear in this point: avoid to eat street food, for the good of your stomach. That worked fine for me – for around 2 hours, till I was standing in front of a street food wagon right after having landed in Beijing, ordering breakfast. Well, in fact my host Jan was ordering, from then on approving to be a good guide through this country, also in culinary respects.

With each day in the unknown environment I lost more and more of my constraints, most of them due to hygienic reasons, and tasted a lot of nice meals …. but to be honest, a lot of stuff I didn’t even dare to try. The picture above shows the offer at a chinese night market (open air), including pig noses, bird legs, and a various selection of fried stuff – basically anything is edible ;) .

In the following gallery you can find some more (street) food shots, captured in both big cities like Beijing and small night markets in villages.

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